1. Ranch Visits
    Come visit the ranch, pet the horses, feed the chickens, walk in the woods down to Caney Creek. You might see a red fox or a pair of hawks hunting rabbits. Bring the family and a picnic lunch and enjoy the day.
  2. Feed the Animals
    Be sure to bring some extra carrots for the horses!! They love their treats. We have African Guineas that wander the ranch. (They make sure we don't have ticks.) We have three dogs, four cats and chickens. We hope to have some peacocks soon.
  3. The Ranch
    Yes, it is Texas, so be prepared for hot summers and wet winters. Wear your mud boots when its raining, but come on out!!
  4. Riding Lessons
    We offer beginning riding lessons in Western or English. Lessons are by appointment and paid by donations or farm chores.
  5. Horse Grooming
    Horses love to be groomed. Let us teach you how it is done. You will find that you enjoy this as much as they do. Arabians always need manes and tails brushed out. A nice bath on a hot day is also appreciated!!
  6. Country Walks
    Whether it is walking through the pasture to visit the horses, or through the woods down to the creek, there is always something new to see at Hearts Desire Ranch.